On the Topic of Centurions…

Between January and December, 2010, I was immersed in The Centurions Program. This program was started by the late Chuck Colson to train leaders in Biblical Worldview, with the intent of returning them to their spheres of influence where they would “redeem” the culture for Christ.

That year became the best year of my life! I have not experienced that kind of intellectual and spiritual growth since I was born again. We were loaded with philosophy, Church history, Spiritual Disciplines, transformation of the spirit and Conformation to His Spirit, and so on, and so on. At this writing, there are well over 1,000 commissioned Centurions out there, all around the world!

Now, I have to confess something. It’s with great chagrin that I confess that I steered clear of philosophy in college. I considered it akin to “basket weaving.” How in the world could “philosophy” make a difference in MY life? Right? Well, thank God, I am a whole lot smarter now than when I was a stupid 18-year-old. It turns out that a little knowledge of philosophy and the history of Western thought would have helped me deal with a lot of unexpected issues in my life. Seriously.

Well, I would like to share the books I read that year with you, as well as many of the ones I’ve been reading since. Starting with my next post on this blog, I will bring, “Why You Think The Way You Do,” by Dr. Glenn Sunshine, to you. Feel free to check it in advance, and even buy it, if you can.

Dr. Glenn is one of the many instructors in the Centurions Program, and he is the only real-live research historian that I personally know. He is a brilliant, brilliant brainiac! But most importantly (at least to me, anyway), I am so grateful to The Lord that I can actually call him my favorite mentor! And if you read his book, I’m sure you’ll notice that he has a way of saying things in such a way that most people can understand. And his engaging humor makes his books a joy to read.

Yes, I said books. He has several, and I will probably address each of them at some point on this blog.

And now, I look forward to “seeing” you next week! God bless you!

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