“Why You Think The Way You Do”…From Rome to Home

I didn’t forget! It’s been a long day, but I can finally put this up…

A week ago I said that I would let you know about Dr. Glenn Sunshine’s book, “Why You Think The Way You Do.” The reasons for this are:

  1. it was one of the books that we had to read for The Centurions Program,
  2. it was one of the easier books we had to read,
  3. it starts with a look at what a worldview is, and why it’s important to understand what one’s worldview is, and
  4. it gives a framework—gives us historical context–on which we can “hang” everything else.

Because understanding what a worldview is, and why it’s so important that Christians develop a Biblical worldview, Dr. Glenn’s book starts with a chapter that deals with “worldview.” What is it, and why should I care about it?

In the rest of his book, Dr. Glenn deals specifically with how the worldviews we see in our culture today were formed, and what “informed” them. He chooses several worldviews and shows how they were expressed in each age.

He chose to start his book with the worldviews/philosophies of the Roman world into which Jesus entered history, and moves forward to today’s worldviews. This is why the subtitle of his book is, “From Rome to Home.”

Christianity played a huge role in the formation of Western thought, and the people and the events that The Lord has used to spread His Word and Thoughts. Sadly, we don’t hear as much as we could/should about this in our culture today, but that doesn’t mean the facts and histories aren’t out there. People like Dr. Glenn are devoted to bringing these things to light today!

In Dr. Glenn’s book, you will read about how the rich Romans aborted or killed their unwanted babies by “flushing” them down their toilets. You will also read that those practices were not limited to the upper class, and the evidence for this.

You will see how Rome was propped up by foreigners, who did the majority of the work in their hey-day. And you will get a good idea as to why the Roman Empire collapsed. You will see Constantine go from the greatest persecutor of Christians, to making Christianity the law of the land. The Medieval times were incredible, and each region had it’s own characteristics…i.e., the Italian Medieval times in comparison the English. You will see some of the problems Christianity faced when the “New World” was discovered, and it put to the test a lot of the core beliefs of Christianity.

There’s a whole lot more, but I suggest you read it yourself. This is one of my all-time favorite books!


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