As the deer panteth for the water…

I finished Revelations a week ago. Since then I’ve been “reading” Ecclesiastes and The Song of Solomon.

First of all, I started at Ecclesiastes because I thought I’d go back through the Prophets, but decided to start w/Ecclesiastes, and move forward from there. I was surprised to find that this is the first time I didn’t get depressed by going through Ecclesiastics. It’s always been depressing to me because everything is “vanity.” No matter what we do, it’s “vanity.” And yet, in other parts of the Bible, I am promised that all Christians have Hope, through, and because of, Jesus. So, maybe someday I’ll actually understand Ecclesiastes. Jesus will explain it to me, somehow.

And now, The Song of Solomon. I am reminded that I’ve never thought of God the same way I’ve ever thought about any man with whom I thought I was falling in love. This includes my husband, of course. When I would think about these people, I would devote most of my thinking every day to memorizing how they looked, their eyes, their hair, the way they carried themselves, projecting their character into the probable future, etc. I would read and re-read their notes, cards and letters. I would gain more insight into their core being by analyzing every move, every comment, written and verbalized.
I have Never thought of God that way. It seemed too carnal. And yet, now I realize, it’s not carnal when it is pure love for God. No, it is PERFECT LOVE. Nothing else matches it. Nothing else matters. And I have His Love Letter to me (and you), His Bride. I need to concentrate on His Word and His Creation, and all the creatures He has brought into being, because THESE are the things that reveal His nature and His Great Love for me (and all of us as His Bride)!

Holy, Holy Father…. as the deer panteth for the water, so my soul shall pant after Thee….


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