Praise God in the Tough Times…for good reason!

Another day, another night. Time to catch some zzzz’s. Life is always pretty interesting to me, but the last two months, and more specifically, the last two weeks…have been very challenging.

Though I was tempted at times to give in to worry…The Lord wouldn’t let me. He reminded me that He created everything out of nothing, so He certainly can take care of me and my family! The way He chooses to take care of us may not look like I think it should look, but He definitely is taking care of us!

In fact, as I stepped back and observed the “big picture” with new eyes, I could see that He was drawing my family closer than we’ve ever been before. I also was able to see my son with new eyes, and I can’t explain how much pride I have in his newly evidenced maturity!

And once again I am reminded why The Lord wants the sacrifice of praise when we’re in tough times… He knows that when we do that, we foil the plans of the devil! Face it…he wants to destroy those who aren’t born again simply because he hates God so much that he wants to keep as many of His beloved humans from following Him! And, since he can’t destroy those of us who belong to Him through our born-again nature, then the enemy wants to make us ineffective Christians.

So when you are in tough times, friends…Praise The Lord! Sing praises to Him! Thank Him for allowing the tough times so that you can grow closer to Him, and so that The Lord will have a more effective army on this earth! And so you can destroy the enemy of God, and make his efforts powerless against you and yours!

AMEN! Hallelujah!

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