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“Glo” — One of My New Bibles

Good Saturday afternoon!

Yesterday I bought two new Bibles: The Books of the Bible Bible, and Glo. These two Bibles are completely opposite tools.

The Books of the Bible Bible takes the Bible back to the first century. It presents Scripture without chapters, verses, columns, study notes, etc. It is intended to give us a different set of insights into Scripture because of those edits.

The Glo Bible is strictly digital immersion in The Word. It provides five “lenses” through which to read and study The Word. Those “lenses” are called Bible, Timeline, Atlas, Topical and Media. It took 1-2 hours to install “Glo” completely. Then, I went to the tutorial, which I think you will also enjoy. This looks like a really great tool for studying the Bible, and even for teaching it. I would love for every teenager to have access to this, too. It would help make The Word more understandable for them, I’m sure. Frankly, I expect it will give anyone who cares to learn to use it a whole lot of insights that we’ve never had available.

I LOVE technology–especially things like this!

Here’s the link to the first of 8 steps in this short tutorial:

Hope you like it, and buy it! (I get nothing but satisfaction from this referral! 😉  )


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Biblical Worldview vs Reincarnation

A friend put this picture of Beethoven up on facebook today, with the following caption:

“Somewhere in my youth, God parked it in my soul.”
– response of Beethoven after being asked by someone, how he writes such beautiful music, though he is deaf.


Then, he posted this comment:

I came across this while listening to Beethoven’s piano sonatas. And I am reminded of what one of my students once said. She said that musical genius — she mentioned Mozart in particular, a child pordigy — is an argument supporting the theory of reincarnation. The genius was a brilliant musician in his/her previous life, and this brilliance carries over into this current life, where it grows even more. This explanation doesn’t exclude God. But it has always seemed to me a pretty good argument for reincarnation.

This is my response to him:

Wow. I see it as a serious argument for the existence of God, because only He can “gift” any of us. The fact that Beethoven could do what he did is only explicable as evidence of God’s hand at work. All this, of course, comes out of a biblical worldview.

Now, if you don’t have a biblical worldview, there are many explanations which one can have, including the idea of reincarnation.

However, the biblical worldview sees the false idea of reincarnation differently. People who approach reality from a biblical worldview start with what God reveals to us in His Word.  We would see” reincarnation,” and any associated “supernatural” activity, as evidence of demonic activity.

The fact is — that in the eternal place where God exists — He has chosen to create many creatures: many creations. Some of his creatures are angels. And one-third of those angels became demons after Lucifer ‘thought he would be as God.’ Satan fell, and was cast to this earth, and 1/3 of angels became his minions with him, and were all cast from heaven. Mind you, angels were created sinless and immortal, so when those angels fell, they were damned forever.

In the meantime, at some point, God created man, which He calls his masterpiece! And he created us without sin. We were created in bodies that were made to live forever, as long as the humans did not sin. However, when Satan enticed “man” and Adam sinned, the Spirit that God had given us could not abide in the same container with Sin, therefore, the Spirit was taken from man (the first death), and his physical body became destined to die (the second death).

From that point on, all humans are born sinful, without the life-giving Spirit that God took away from Adam and Eve.

But God loved man sooo much that He has done everything to redeem us after The Fall. He wanted us to to choose to love Him, however; He did not want puppets.

But Satan hates us because God loves us so much. Satan was the Top Gun, Numero Uno, King of the Hill, (after God, of course)  in heaven up to the moment he sinned. We have replaced him in God’s creation hierarchy, and he wants to deprive God of as many of us as possible. He has many tricks to use. One trick he has to deceive people away from God is to convince them that human spirits can be recycled via “reincarnation.” Who needs a god if we’re always going to exist, but not always in one body, right?

So how can one convince someone that reincarnation is “real?” Well, you would do things like give them “false” memories of someone’s “previous” life, or you give a human an “ability” to do something that is not humanly possible, right? So, that is what demons do.

Remember that angels existed before man, and they have been around all during the history of man. They will exist forever. Since demons are fallen angels, they share those characteristics. And they are experts in the subject of human history.

Also remember that the spiritual world existed before the material world ever did, according to a biblical worldview. Reality, based on a biblical worldview, also includes interactions between the spiritual and the physical “worlds.” Angels minister to God’s people, and demons attempt to oppress and possess the people God created in an effort to steal as many away from God as possible, before the final punishment comes to Satan and his hordes.

So, if someone wants to entertain the idea of “reincarnation,” they probably can be swayed by the argument you see. But no one with a biblical worldview shaping their view of REALITY will fall for that argument.

Beethoven’s gift was a gift from God, and Beethoven was just confessing that fact, and his own knowledge and faith in that God.

The same is to be said for Mozart. Or any of us, for that matter.


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